Often referred to as “Old Paris”, I had heard Le Marais was the closest you could get to the feel of medieval Paris. What’s more, its winding cobblestone alleys are full of chic boutiques. Naturally, I was dying to explore this neighborhood on our last day in Paris for the French Open.

Whenever I’m in a new city, one of my favorite things to do is find speciality boutiques and discover brands I’ve never heard of before. For me, this is more than just shopping, it’s a way to immerse yourself in the local culture. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll leave with something that, whenever you wear it, brings back memories of the special place you bought it from.

Le Marais was everything I hoped it would be and more. This picture-perfect neighborhood looks very different from other parts of Paris. Rather than being stately and grandiose, Le Marais exudes old-world charm. It has a vibe similar to the West Village in Manhattan but is, of course, much, much older.

le marais street paris


During my afternoon in Le Marais, I visited many special shops. But two stood out and I want to share them with you! The first was Elleme. Inspired by European minimalism and Asian sophistication, Elleme offers chic and high quality handbags and accessories to women at an accessible price. I loved talking to Elleme’s sweet and talented designer and left with a pair of tortoiseshell cateye sunglasses which I have a feeling are going to be my new go-to pair. The best news? Elleme offers free shipping to the EU and US on their website!


My second favorite store in Le Marais was Suncoo. Like Elleme, Suncoo is the baby of a Chinese and French designer, clearly a winning combination! Suncoo is like a Sandro in that its clothes are classy and made with high-quality fabric, but it’s a bit younger and more trendy. I loved many of their pieces but finally narrowed it down to an embroidered flared sleeves blouse, a blue and white off-the-shoulder dress, and cutout slip-on sneakers.

Place des Vosges

In addition to the great shopping, Le Marais is home to what is considered by many to be the most beautiful square in Paris. Place des Vosges, with its delicate brickwork buildings and perfectly tended park, is what Parisian dreams are made of. On this warm June day, dozens of people were lounging on the park’s manicured grass, sunbathing, reading, and chatting with friends. The scene was so idyllic that I wanted nothing more than to join them.Unfortunately, we had a train to catch but Julian and I agreed that one day we’ll come back for an extended period of time and live as the Parisians do. 

place des vosges

place des vosges paris

place des vosges paris

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Where’s your favorite place to shop in Paris? Comment below!