About Me

Hey! Welcome to Detours with Daisey!

My name is Sarah Daisey and I have a serious thing for traveling.

I grew up on the beach in Delaware and, while I love my small hometown, I have always felt an undeniable thirst to explore new places and meet people with completely different experiences from my own. After finishing my master’s at the University of Pennsylvania this past spring I did a complete 180°. Instead of landing a desk job, I decided to try my luck in the tropics. This past fall I moved to Mexico City and I haven’t looked back.

Over the past few years, the detours I have taken in both my life and my travels have exposed me to cultures, places, and people as stunning as they are stirring. Along the way, I’ve learned to embrace these deviations and to enjoy the journey. On Detours with Daisey, you’ll find my latest adventures from sailing the Sea of Cortez to road tripping through Burgundy and shopping in Paris. I’ll also share travel tips and recommendations and my favorite food and fashion discoveries. Whether you’re procrastinating at work or planning your next adventure, I hope you enjoy your little detour with me!

Want to get in touch? Shoot me an email at sdc@detourswithdaisey.com.